First Peak at the MSI 9th generation gaming desktops! Some are the upgraded versions, some are completely brand new!


Taipei, Taiwan – March, 2019 – MSI, the world leading gaming desktop manufacturer, is proud to announce the release of its newest 9th generation gaming desktops.

As the Generation number implies, the 9th generation MSI gaming desktops are all equipped with 9th gen Intel CPUs. In this release we will be covering the hottest 6 new MSI 9th generation desktops. They are – Infinite A 9th, Infinite 9th, Infinite S 9th, Trident A 9th, Trident 3 9th, and Codex S 9TH.

For gamers who pursue pro-level experience and ultimate gaming performance, Infinite A and Trident A are the ones they shouldn’t miss. Both of the models are equipped with the newest top-end gaming components that can slay any epic AAA titles without breaking a sweat. Infinite A 9th carries the classic Infinite series’ look, offering gamers inarguably the best of the best performance. Trident A, with an innovated design derived from Trident series, perfectly blends the elements of the small form factor and gaming power together, offering an edgy yet reliable gaming experience that is suitable for the new generation of gamers.

For those who are looking to take a first step into the gaming world, or who want to explore the possibilities that gaming desktops could offer, MSI also has many 9th generation gaming desktops that caters their needs. Our all-time favorite Trident 3 is now stepping into 9th gen, ready to keep on wearing its "console killer" title in the battlefield of the new generation of games. In addition, Codes S 9th and Infinite S 9th are the two new faces in the MSI gaming desktop family. Both of them rock the small and portable form factors that make them suitable in any environments. It doesn't matter if you are an awesome parent thinking about giving your kid a gaming desktop, a student trying to find a small gaming desktop to put into your tiny dorm room, or a TV user that needs a desktop to run movies and games on your TV, Codex S 9th and Infinite 9th will be your best choices.

If you are wondering where the other existing gaming desktop models are, don't worry. All the MSI gaming desktops will now receive the 9th gen upgrade and soon you will be able to pick up your favorite brand new 9th edition gaming desktop.