MSI Unveils Its 34th Anniversary Campaign

Join our celebrations Aug 5th to Sep 7th for 34X bonus points, game codes and grand prize raffles
[Taipei, Taiwan] For its 34th anniversary, MSI, a world leader in gaming and content creation hardware, invites consumers and fans around the world to join a series of celebration events that spread anniversary cheer and give away great gifts.
MSI Brand
"MSI has more than 34 years of history and has established itself as a heavy-weight within the gaming and content creation industry. Looking forward, we will keep pushing boundaries and deliver outstanding products backed by tech innovation and aesthetic design," said Sam Chern, MSI Marketing VP.
For details on the campaign, please visit
CAMPAIGN 1: Register eligible products at MSI Member Center ( to join our Reward Program and earn 34X bonus points. (Selected products only)
CAMPAIGN 2: Submit a review at MSI "MY Review" to unlock Marvel's Avengers Game Code. (Selected laptops & desktops only)
CAMPAIGN 3: Follow MSI's Instagram ( Publish and add #BirthdaytoMSI to your birthday-themed IG posts centered around MSI products to win grand prize raffles.

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