The default sound input/output devices are the devices that the system uses to record/play sounds. When multiple audio devices are connected to the notebook, such as microphones, a web camera with a built-in microphone, a Bluetooth headset, or an external speaker...etc. users are allowed to specify which device to use by default as the selected audio input/output device.

Follow the steps below to adjust the default Sound Input/Output Device in Windows.

1. Click on Windows (Start) button > Settings > System > Sound

2. Select the preferred devices in the drop-down list under the Input & Output devices.

After the selection, the system will switch the audio input/output device right away.

*Note: When using other 3rd party software or communication software such as Skype, Google Meet, Webex...etc., the default sound input/output devices can be set with different combinations of Sound devices.

Refer to the steps below to set the customized sound input/output devices for the selected software.

1. Click on Windows (Start) button > Settings > System > Sound

2. On the right, click on "App volume and device preferences" under "Other sound options".

3. Select the preferred audio input/output devices for the selected apps that play sounds. (e.g. Skype)

*Some communication software is running with the web browser, adjust the sound input/output devices in the loaded web browser.