For GT83, GT75 and GT63 notebook with 8th generation Intel CPU, please refer to the memory support information below.

- 1 DIMM Per Channel*1

DDR4-2666 up to 32GB (16GB x 2)

- 2 DIMMs Per Channel*1

DDR4-2400 up to 64GB (16GB x 4)

*1: DIMM per channel = DIMMs populated in the available slots per memory channel.

Supported memory operating speed will vary by the number of sockets populated per channel.

GT83, GT75 and GT63 notebook support 2 memory channels, and each channel supports 2 memory slots.



  • GT83 Titan 8RF
  • GT63 Titan 8RF
  • GT83 Titan 8RG
  • GT75 Titan 8RF
  • GT63 Titan 8RG
  • GT75 Titan 8RG