Because of the compatibility between NVIDIA graphics driver and the system, updating NVIDIA graphics driver v382.05 or later version might cause BSoD code 0x0000009f or power LED always growing amber.

If the customer encounter the problem above, please refer to the steps below for troubleshooting.
1. Updating the latest BIOS
1-a. Click on the link below and enter the notebook's name (such as: GL62M 7RD) in the search bar to find the BIOS download page of the notebook.
1-b. Download the latest BIOS.
1-c. Refer to the BIOS update guide to update BIOS.

2. If the problem still remains after updating BIOS, it might relate to improper update method or incorrect driver profile. Please refer to the steps to update the latest NVIDIA graphics driver on MSI website.
2-a. Download the latest NVIDIA graphics driver on MSI download page.
2-b. Refer to the graphics driver clean install guide and use Display Driver Uninstaller to clean install graphics driver.


  • PE60 7RD
  • PE70 7RD
  • PE62 7RD
  • GL72 7RDX
  • GL72M 7RDX
  • GE62 7RD Apache
  • GE72 7RD Apache
  • GL62M 7RDX
  • GV62 7RD
  • PE72 7RD
  • GL62 7RD
  • GP72 7RD Leopard
  • GL72 7RD
  • GF62 7RD
  • GL62M 7RD
  • GP62M 7RD Leopard
  • GP72 7RDX Leopard
  • GP62 7RD Leopard
  • GV72 7RD
  • GP62 7RDX Leopard
  • GL62 7RDX
  • GP62M 7RDX Leopard
  • GF72 7RD
  • GP72M 7RDX Leopard