Please refer to the attached release note to know the latest features, update notes and improvements on each Nahimic VR versions.

Important support information for Nahimic VR:
1. Update MSI Dragon Center v1.2.1703.2001 or later version to support Nahimic VR.
2. Please plug in the HTC vive and install Steam VR before install Nahimic VR if you want to re-install Nahimic VR.
3. Nahimic VR is only compatible with HTC VIVE.



  • GP62VR 7RF Leopard Pro
  • GS73VR 7RG Stealth Pro
  • GP72VR 7RF Leopard Pro
  • GS43VR 7RE Phantom Pro
  • GP72VR 7RFX Leopard Pro
  • GP62MVR 7RFX Leopard Pro
  • GF72VR 7RF
  • GP62MVR 7RF Leopard Pro
  • GS63VR 7RF Stealth Pro
  • VR One 7RE
  • GT62VR 7RE Dominator Pro
  • GT72VR 7RD Dominator
  • GT75VR 7RF Titan Pro
  • GP72MVR 7RFX Leopard Pro
  • GT75VR 7RE Titan SLI
  • GT75VR 7RE Titan
  • GT73EVR 7RE Titan
  • GE62VR 7RF Apache Pro
  • GT73VR 7RE Titan
  • GE62VR 7RF Camo Squad Limited Edition
  • GT73EVR 7RD Titan
  • GS63VR 7RG Stealth Pro
  • GT73VR 7RF Titan Pro
  • GL72VR 7RFX
  • GT72VR 7RE Dominator Pro
  • GT73EVR 7RF Titan Pro
  • GT73VR 7RE Titan SLI
  • GL62VR 7RFX
  • GT83VR 7RF Titan SLI
  • GE72VR 7RF Apache Pro
  • GF62VR 7RF
  • VR One 7RD
  • GT62VR 7RD Dominator
  • GT83VR 7RE Titan SLI