Holiday Wishlist

It’s the most, wonderful time…of the year! Let’s bring back the good ‘ole Christmas cheer to this tough year by bringing a smile to our loved ones’ faces, shall we?

An aging PC is just no fun and will dampen any gamer’s holiday spirit. Games are a way to stay in touch and bond with people even halfway across the world – a boon in these challenging times. However, a lousy gaming experience is frustrating, to say the least. It’s up to family and friends to make Christmas extra special this year for that special someone.

If you’ve decided to gift a gamer friend or family member a special something this Christmas, we encourage buying the best available hardware on the market right now. Not only does that mean they’ll be jumping for joy when they unwrap their present, but it also ensures that your gift stays useful for many more years!

We’ve put together a list of Christmas Gift Ideas for 2020, so you can snag the perfect gift as soon as possible.

Holiday Wishlist


A motherboard is the foundation of a gaming PC – setting the tone for the entire build. Pick an Intel or AMD motherboard depending on the processor you choose.

Holiday Wishlist

MSI MEG B550 Unify (AMD)

The B550 Unify is a quiet-looking motherboard with a pure black design and no onboard RGB. However, this simple, serious look hides a whole lot of potential while also allowing gamers to customize their builds with parts of their choice – granting them a canvas to build a PC with a festive splash of colors if they choose to do so. It is the perfect match for an AMD Ryzen™ 3000 or 5000 series processor and can handle even the most powerful CPU-intensive tasks without breaking a sweat.

On the performance front, the competition can’t hold a candle to what the MEG B550 Unify offers –top-notch VRMs for reliable power delivery over extended gaming sessions, PCI-E 4.0 support, excellent thermal solutions for effective heat dissipation, and tons of extensibility. The quad M.2 slots allow you to add high-speed storage devices without worrying about free slots.
Holiday Wishlist
Holiday Wishlist

MSI MEG Z490 Unify (Intel)

Z series motherboards like the Z490 Unify truly unlock an Intel processor’s potential with support for both memory as well as CPU overclocking. The Unify was engineered with simplicity and top-tier performance in mind, and that’s delivered in spades!

The motherboard’s VRMs ensure stable and adequate power delivery even for Intel’s most demanding Core i9 processors without any thermal issues. It comes equipped with excellent connectivity features like 2.5 Gigabit LAN, Wi-Fi 6, and USB 20Gbps. Although Intel’s 10th Generation processors don’t support it, the motherboard is PCI-E 4.0 ready, so you’re set for any future upgrades when Intel’s PCI-E 4.0 CPUs launch.


While shopping for the absolute best can be fun, shopping for value in the holiday season is just as rewarding! The MAG B460 MORTAR will be a perfect fit for a locked (non-K) Intel Core processor. Its competitive pricing ensures that it stands out as one of the best value purchases when it comes to motherboards for Intel CPUs.

The MORTAR boasts a sturdy VRM and an efficient thermal design that allows it to handle anything you throw at it. In addition to a compact mATX form factor and a pre-installed IO shield for easy installation, the motherboard is PCI-E 4.0 ready. It will be enabled on future Intel CPUs (supported on the B460 chipset) that support this new standard without requiring a motherboard change.
Holiday Wishlist

Graphics Cards

When it comes to a gaming PC, a graphics card is one of the most critical components that directly and significantly affect gaming performance.

Holiday Wishlist

MSI GeForce RTX™ 3080 SUPRIM X 10G

MSI’s SUPRIM line of graphics cards brings top-notch cooling performance, excellent airflow with tri-Frozr fans, and low noise with an innovative design philosophy. If you want to make someone’s Christmas unforgettable, this is the perfect gift right here. It is one of the most powerful graphics cards on the market – coveted by almost every type of PC gamer out there.

The GeForce RTX™ 3080 SUPRIM X 10G offers a premium 4K gaming experience that won’t compromise on visual quality, detail, and overall smoothness of even the most demanding games. In addition to superior performance, the graphics card comes with Dual BIOS capabilities, allowing you to pick between game mode and silent mode.
Holiday Wishlist
Holiday Wishlist


MSI’s iconic Gaming Series is known for bringing silent, powerful gaming experiences to gamers worldwide. The MSI RTX™3070 GAMING X TRIO will be a fantastic Christmas gift for gamers who appreciate killer looks, quiet cooling, and immense graphics prowess.

In addition to featuring 2nd Generation Ray Tracing cores, the RTX™3070 goes head-to-head with the previous generation’s top-tier graphics cards at a much lower price point – making it one of the best value cards on the market at the moment. The TRI-FROZR 2 fans offer impressive cooling performance without a lot of noise, so gamers can have an enjoyable, immersive gaming experience without dealing with any thermal issues.


A High-end Gaming PC is incomplete without an excellent monitor to tie it all together. That’s what affects immersion and can be the difference between a good gaming experience and a fantastic gaming experience.

Holiday Wishlist


For fast-paced games, a high refresh rate and a low response time are essential to a fluid gaming experience. The MAG274QRF Gaming Monitor comes equipped with a Rapid-IPS panel with a blistering 165 Hz refresh rate, a 1ms GTG response time, and is Nvidia G-Sync Compatible – enabling premium gaming sessions like never before.

That’s not all! The monitor also features a sleek design and a soft ambient light to mirror any holiday decorations. A wide 178-degree viewing angle accompanied by a WQHD resolution makes it perfect for watching movies with the family during this festive season. Home Alone, anyone?
Holiday Wishlist
Holiday Wishlist


What happens when you blend a premium gaming monitor and advanced Quantum Dot technology? You get the MSI Optix MAG274QRF-QD WQHD Gaming Monitor. Festivities are never complete without a splash of color. You can add much more than a splash this Christmas with this gorgeous gaming monitor!

In addition to the expected 165 Hz refresh rate, the 1ms GTG response time, and WQHD resolution from the Nvidia G-Sync Compatible Rapid-IPS panel, the monitor also offers a wide, precise color gamut (97% DCI-P3). It’s a symphony of colors processed by an intelligent color engine to deliver accurate, breathtaking reproductions of scenes in a gam

Gaming Laptops/Notebooks

Delivering mind-blowing gaming experiences within a thin-and-light form factor has led us to design some of the most critically-acclaimed gaming laptops on the market with both laptops here winning the Red Dot Design Award 2020 and the IF Design Award 2020. Laptop Magazine recognizes this by continuing to declare MSI as one of the top laptop brands in the world this year. These laptops will be a wonderful gift for gamers who are constantly on the move and need to get a few gaming sessions in to relax!

Holiday Wishlist

GE66 Raider

Sometimes you need a portable machine that can do it all: work, play, and more. The MSI GE66 Raider would be the perfect Christmas gift for hardcore gamers. Not only does it look absolutely stunning with a futuristic, spaceship-like design and Mystic Light. but the laptop also features some of the most powerful laptop hardware on the market to ensure top-notch performance.

An innovative cooling solution keeps the 10th Gen. Intel® Core™ i9 processor and the new GeForce® RTX SUPER™ Series graphics card cool even under intensive loads. A mind-bending 300 Hz display will allow gamers to enjoy the most fluid gaming experience even on a laptop. It’s perfect for gamers who just hate sub-par gaming sessions, regardless of where they are.
Holiday Wishlist
Holiday Wishlist

GS66 Stealth

While radiant lighting is lovely, there’s an indescribable beauty in a core black design. Gamers love quiet machines that house immense power and get the job done, and this holiday season, it’s all about gifting a snappy gaming experience. Check out the MSI GS66 Stealth –an excellent gift for gamers who are regularly on the move and need a portable but powerful laptop with them.

Equipped with up to a 10th Gen. Intel® Core™ i9 processor and GeForce® GTX 1660 Ti, the GS66 Stealth can handle modern games while the 99.9Wh battery is at the limit of what an aircraft allows – making it boast amazing battery life without hindering air travel! A matte-black finish and low-profile design keep it true to the Stealth moniker – “sharper in core black,” while the reinforced black metal chassis adds much-needed rigidity to make it suitable for rough, daily use.


While building a system can be fun, some gamers might want the ease of getting a plug-and-play experience without compromising on either looks or performance. Check out a few top-tier gaming desktops that are unapologetically elegant and powerful, and don’t try to hide it!

Holiday Wishlist

MSI MEG Trident X 10th Gen

The sophistication of a compact device blended with the power and performance of a full desktop. Possible? Of course! It’s Christmas, and wishes do come true. The MSI MEG Trident X 10th Gen Gaming Desktop is rightfully the centerpiece of gaming; it’ll be a wonderful holiday gift for those who value aesthetics but can’t compromise on performance.

It’s a feat of innovative engineering that allows bundling a 10th Gen. Intel® Core™ i9 processor and a NVIDIA® GeForce® RTX 2080 SUPER™ graphics card into a slim 10-liter case that looks unbelievably stylish and tasteful. All major components (CPU, graphics card, and power supply) are housed in separate chambers for optimal thermal performance in a smaller form factor – allowing us to offer the power of a full-tower desktop PC without taking up too much space.
Holiday Wishlist
Holiday Wishlist


Featuring a stunning, futuristic design, this MSI Gaming Desktop looks and feels a bit different than the rest. It stands out from the crowd. If you know and love gamers who are proud of their gaming PCs and don’t hesitate to show them off, the MSI MEG AEGIS TI5 would be a terrific way to make these holidays their most memorable one yet!

With sleek, carefully sculpted lines and lighting, the AEGIS screams top-tier performance. And with the hardware packed inside it, it’s justified! It comes equipped with a 10-Core, 20-Thread Intel monster CPU along with Nvidia’s latest Ampere RTX graphics cards that will transform their gaming sessions, unlike anything they’ve seen before.

Gaming Peripherals

Powerful PC components are only half the story. Gift the gamers in your life some of the best gaming peripherals that will elevate their performance like never before!

Holiday Wishlist

MAG CH120 Gaming Chair

While a desktop does elevate your gaming experience, comfortable, ergonomic seating is just as crucial for good long-term health, posture, and of course, immersion during a gaming session. You can also check out MSI’s MAG CH120 Gaming Chair as a gift for gamers to ensure their holiday season isn’t cramped either literally or figuratively!

The MAG CH120 focuses on delivering a sturdy build, ergonomics, and comfort in one gorgeous package that looks fantastic in any gaming setup. It also boasts a top-notch class 4 Gas Lift piston for easy, smooth height adjustments in addition to a fully-reclinable backrest and adjustable armrests. An all-black design meets a mellow red trim to create a chair that’s genuinely worthy of highlighting as part of your setup rather than something that needs to be hidden away.
Holiday Wishlist
Holiday Wishlist


When it comes to a premium gaming experience, nothing gets the better of a true mechanical keyboard that offers a satisfying click and smooth key traverse. The VIGOR GK50 ELITE is a mechanical keyboard with Kailh Blue and Box White switches tailored for gamers wanting a premium gaming experience. Both switches are clicky, meaning they have both a tactile and audible click when you press each key.

While the mechanical switches in the keyboard provide accuracy, endurance, and incredible tactile feedback, the high-low keycaps are designed to reduce the stress on hands and wrists even through long gaming sessions. The brushed metal top plate and matte coating keycaps make the GK50 ELITE durable – ensuring that they won’t retain fingerprints easily. The special octagonal-shaped keycaps complement its contemporary look.


If you’re looking to gift unrivaled comfort to something this Christmas, the CLUTCH GM20 ELITE Gaming Mouse is the perfect choice. It’s meticulously designed for right-handed gamers who want their mouse to be just right, and is made to be flexible enough to adjust to each gamer’s preference. From weight adjustment to on-the-fly DPI changes, this mouse truly does have it all.

The CLUTCH GM20 ELITE features a PixArt optical sensor with up to 6400 DPI so that not even a little twitch or flick goes unnoticed in fast-paced competitive games. What’s more, it can be adjusted on-the-fly with a press of a convenient button under the scroll wheel. Gamers can also adjust its weight to ensure they use a mouse that brings out their best. The CLUTCH GM20 ELITE also houses durable OMRON switches rated for over 20-million clicks to guarantee a long life.
Holiday Wishlist
Holiday Wishlist


A game without great audio is not even close to a truly immersive gaming experience. Gift your loved ones an IMMERSE GH61 Hi-Res 7.1 Virtual Surround Sound Gaming Headset this holiday season so they can truly enjoy every game they play with stunning environmental audio. With both USB and 3.5mm connector options supplied, this headset can be used on PC, laptop, and even mobile devices!

The headset features top-notch ONKYO speakers, built-in ESS DAC and AMP, and Nahimic for Headsets support to deliver high-quality audio like never before. It also houses a high-quality retractable microphone to help when communicating with friends and teammates. The IMMERSE GH61 Gaming Headset is comfortable even during long gaming sessions thanks to swappable leather or fabric ear cushions to suit both avid gamers and audio enthusiasts.
While you’re doing your part to bring the Christmas cheer to loved ones, we’re doing ours! Drop by our Christmas celebration page (link here) to check out some fabulous rewards and holiday surprises.

Holiday Wishlist