Creator P100A
Creator P100A

Perfect Solution Inspired by Revolutionary Creators

Creator P100 Series were gifted with clean lines, gentle organic curves, a love for different materials, and designers that came from the enduring popularity of the Mid-Century Modern style and they are idolized even today.

Compact Dimension Great Ideas

Creator P100A
Creator P100A

Create Your Futuristic Dimension
The Power to Unleash Your Unlimited Creative Vision

Experience a 30% boost in computing from gen-to-gen. MSI Desktop equips the 10th Gen. Intel® CoreTM i7 processor with the upmost computing power to bring you an unparalleled creation experience with inspirations & develop your next great idea.

*Performance compared to i7-9700. Specs varies by model.
  • Up to 10th Gen
  • Core i7-10700
  • 8 Cores
Unlock 30% of your time to create & render this mysterious world.
Create with RTX On - Nothing Holds Your Back Now

Create with RTX On
Nothing Holds Your Back Now

RTX Studio high-performance Creator P100 series contain the world’s most powerful NVIDIA GeForce RTX™ GPUs, precision engineered into the Creator P100 series. Designed and tested specifically for creative workflows. Now, you can create your best work—fast. RTX On.


Standing Out From The Creative Juices

The new GeForce RTX® Super Series has more cores and higher clocks for superfast rformance compared to previous-gen GPUs. Make your creativities come to life with super-fast ray tracing; delivers physically accurate shadows, reflections, and lighting. Tap into Tensor Cores for super-power AI-processing. Advanced memory, performance boosts, processing technologies make these GPUs the perfect weapon for creators. Get your super powers.

  • 3D Rendering
  • Video Editing
  • Photography
  • Graphic Design
Work in real-time with your 3D renderings and animations.
Create with ease using NVIDIA® RTX's accelerated editing and rendering capabilities.
Easily edit tons of ultra-high resolution photos using native GPU acceleration.
NVIDIA RTX brings you an out-of-the-blue speedup for your 2D and 3D graphic designs.
monitor 3DsMax
Creator P100A
Workflow Accelerated

Workflow Accelerated

Featuring the latest 10th Gen Intel® Core processors, memory can support up to DDR4 2666MHz to delivers an unprecedented creation experience.

Unleash the full potential with the latest SSD technology, the NVM Express. 4 times faster than traditional SATA SSD.

  • Up to
    Dual Channel DDR4
  • Up to
    M.2 SSD slot x 2
  • Up to
    2.5” HDD slot x 2
*Actual features may vary by configuration.
Create Through The 2.5G LAN

Create Through The 2.5G LAN

Working on NAS? Connect and rapidly transfer data over a network with the high-bandwidth and low-latency 2.5Gbps Ethernet LAN. Integrated with the exclusive MSI LAN Manager, it prioritizes latency-sensitive application and allows you to take control of their experience.

  • High
  • Low
  • NAS
Creator P100A

Connect All of Your Creative Devices

Wi-Fi 6 puts more emphasis on transmission security and improves the signal between the interference problem can also be connected to more devices at the same time, thereby meeting the trend of higher and higher data transmission bandwidth requirements with speed up to 2.4Gbps.

  • Up to
    Faster Gigabit Speeds
  • Up to
    Lower Latency
  • Support

Optimized For Multi-tasking

Not only expand your vision across multiple displays, but also the Creator P100A is tested and optimized to run these creation software including Photoshop, After Effects, 3Ds Max and much more to deliver efficient and seamless use of key applications.

Optimized For Multi-tasking
Create Splendid Moments

Creator P100A 10th

  • Windows 10 Home - MSI recommends Windows 10 Pro for business
  • Up to the 10th generation Intel®  Core i7 processors
  • The latest MSI GeForce®  RTX Graphics Card
  • Dual Channel Memory with DDR4 Boost Technology provides the most smooth & fastest real-time previews
  • Connect and rapidly transfer data over a network with the high-bandwidth and low-latency 2.5Gbps Ethernet LAN.
  • Wi-Fi 6 puts more emphasis on transmission security with speed up to 2.4Gbps
  • Support 2x M.2 PCI-e SSD with 2x 2.5" SATA Mass Storage
  • Support 5K2K Creating Experience
  • Professional Sound Quality Powered by Audio Boost
  • Easy to Upgrade Design
  • Exclusive Software – Creator Center & Creator OSD
  • 10.36 liters in size, the most compact desktop PC for creators