MSI PRO MP273 Monitor
PPRO MP273 monitor for mobile

ดวงตาของคุณคือทุกสิ่ง จอมอนิเตอร์ PRO MP273 Series มอบโซลูชันการดูแลดวงตาที่ดีที่สุดให้คุณ

ไม่ว่าคุณจะกำลังรับชมบรรยาย, คัดลอกข้อมูลระหว่างสเปรดชีต, ไม่ว่าคุณจะเป็นโปรแกรมเมอร์และนักเขียนโค้ด, นักวิเคราะห์ตลาดหลักทรัพย์, หรือ YouTuber, จอมอนิเตอร์นี้จะทำให้ความคิดและจินตนาการของคุณเป็นจริงขึ้นมาอย่างแน่นอน


MSI Eye Care: Anti-Flicker + Less Blue Light Technology + Anti-Glare Display

MSI Anti-Flicker, Less Blue Light technologies and anti-glare panel help to protect your eyes over extended periods of viewing your data and research.

75Hz High Refresh Rate

High refresh rate display provides a better viewing experience. Also, the more images shown in the same time, the less burden will impose to your eyes.

VESA Mountable

VESA Mountable

With VESA Mountable design, you can hang your screen on the wall anywhere in your house and can also mount with MSI MT81.

Dual Display Supported

Dual Display Supported

Increase your productivity and achieve more in less time.

Dual Sources Supported for Your Different Learning Devices

Dual Sources Supported for Your Different Learning Devices

No problem at all if you’d like to work or learn with two devices, PRO MP273 series supports one HDMI™ and one DisplayPort, it keeps the flexibility with dual sources for your multiple devices.

Convenient Accessory Slot Design

Convenient Accessory Slot Design

Enjoy a clean table with the accessory slot design where you can put your MSI Pen or Smartphone and you will not miss any important messages anymore.

Look Up! That’s where you’re going!

Look Up! That’s where you’re going!

Work with a comfortable working & viewing position while focusing on your professional projects.

The Smoothest 1080P
Streaming & On-line Conference Call

Work from home with an on-line conference call or just enjoy your amusement at home with a breathtaking screen clarity that comes with Full HD (1920x1080) resolution.

Improve Your Viewing Experience With Wide Viewing Angle

With an extremely wide viewing angle vertically as well horizontally of 178 degrees. It instantly optimized the screen color and brightness to ensure that you enjoy every detail at its best and allows you to have a consistent picture quality from any angle.

Two Built-in Speakers

With two built-in speakers, users were allowed to listen to audio files, to attend online conferences, or to edit videos at any time without carrying an external speaker or wearing a headphone.





  • Perfect 27” screen size for the programming, coding & website design workspace
  • TÜV certified display protects your eyesight and keeps your eyes healthy
  • Anti-Flicker and Less Blue Light technologies prevent your eyes from strain & fatigue
  • Ergonomic software, Display Kit, provides the most convenient tool, the proper color & display mode to you while working with it everyday
  • Enjoy the smoothest streaming & online video to experience a breathtaking screen clarity that comes with IPS grade panel
  • 75 Hz refresh rate provides a better viewing experience
  • Keep the flexibility for your different devices with multiple input sources: DisplayPort & HDMI™ ports
  • Standard VESA mountable design
  • Always allow you to join an online conference call with built-in speakers
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